Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The LTC Career Center Offers National Exposure for Your Job Listings

Dave Kyllo

The LTC Career Center gives unprecedented targeted national exposure because it connects with the Health Care Career Network by providing visibility on the network’s nearly 300 national and state health care organizations and societies. Serious health care candidates look for jobs on this national network built for health care employers to reach health care professionals. 

Open positions can be posted on the AHCA/NCAL Long Term Care Career Center for $350 per 30-day posting. Rates for posting job vacancies are reduced for 60- and 90-day postings through November 30. This short video shows how easy it is to create an account and post a job vacancy. 

Posting on the site gives even more value because employers who utilize the LTC Career Center  receive free bonus exposure through rotating job listings on AHCA’s home page – the web site where long term care professionals go for news and information. In addition, employers that post vacancies through the AHCA/NCAL LTC Career Center get extra value through free rotating listings on the Long Term Care Career Center home page. 

Of course, the LTC Career Center is always free for job seekers and the LTC Career Center features many of the best positions the long term care profession has to offer. Graduates and experienced health care professionals utilize the Health Care Career Network to find the best health care openings. 

Visit the LTC Career Center Employer Page or call Robin at 866-964-2765 x2736 for more information about posting job vacancies on the LTC Career Center and other discounted job listing packages.   

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