Wednesday, March 11, 2020

AHCA Offers Two Great Ways to Train High-Quality CNAs

Danielle Levitan

How to Be a Nurse Assistant and CNAonline
Providing Modern Solutions to the Workforce Challenges You Face Today

As you strive to respond to the demands that COVID-19 the corona virus is placing on your staff today, the need for highly skilled, certified, compassionate nurse assistants is more critical than ever. The quality of care you are able to provide depends on it. AHCA’s How To Be a Nurse Assistant training curriculum and are two options to help you address your frontline staff shortages. Both programs produce highly trained CNAs who elevate the quality of resident care in the centers where they work.

How to Be a Nurse Assistant has been successfully training and preparing students for certification for more than 30 years and has nearly a 100% pass rate. Currently in its 7th edition, the curriculum includes a student textbook, student workbook, skills DVD, and an online instructor website subscription. Learn more about its unique patient-centered care approach and order your training materials here. Place your order during the month of March, and you’ll get 20% off when you use promo code HTB2020. is a unique hybrid nurse assistant training program that blends online coursework and in-person clinical and skills training. It’s a flexible and affordable way to offer nurse assistant training in areas where training options are limited. Students and instructors have access to the online content 24 hours a day, and classes can start anytime. uses the How To Be a Nurse Assistant curriculum. For more information on how to get started, please visit, or call 502-221-7765.

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