Tuesday, March 10, 2020

AHCA Launches New Tool Giving AHCA Member SNFs Powerful Hospital Referral Data

Dave Kyllo

AHCA today launched a groundbreaking SNF-centered report using hospital, SNF and other post-acute care claims to track patient flow and availability in the SNF’s market area, broken out by clinical categories relevant to the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM). The report is called P3©.

The P3© reports are user-friendly and contain powerful marketplace data for AHCA-member SNFs that previously has not been readily available at an affordable price. This report helps AHCA-member SNFs understand their market hospitals' patient mix and discharge practices so the SNF can hone clinical competencies and programming to deliver high-value care under PDPM.

The format of the P3© report is an easy-to-use Excel workbook with four data tabs:

  • Hospital Referral Data: shows discharge patterns from the top 5 hospitals by volume in the SNF’s market; state and national benchmarks; the top SNFs receiving patients from the top 5 hospitals in the market; and, the top 5 hospitals referring to a SNF facility by volume.
  • SNF Length of Stay and Referral Data: shows the LOS for the SNF compared to state and top SNF benchmarks, as well as a summary of the settings the SNF discharges patients to.
  • Market PDPM Data: shows the market’s hospital discharge volume by PDPM category. 
  • Top Hospital PDPM Data: shows hospital discharge volume by PDPM category for the hospital from which the most referrals are received.

The one-year P3© subscription includes four quarterly reports for the member SNF building and the report can be shared with up to five other individuals. In addition to the reports, each subscription includes access to supporting and complementary educational material available through educate.ahcancal.org/p3.

A one-year subscription to the P3©  report is offered at the 2020 introductory price of $750 per SNF per year, plus state and local taxes.  All P3© payments must be made by credit card.  AHCA members may purchase  P3© reports for any SNF in the U.S. 

AHCA/NCAL members must be registered for LTC Trend Tracker to access P3©, including any of the additional individuals given access to the P3© reports.  Members who are already registered in LTC Trend Tracker may simply go to the AHCA/NCAL Data Solutions platform, DataSolutions.ahcancal.org, and log in using their LTC Trend Tracker credentials.  From there, facility members can select and pay for the subscription fee for the SNFs they want to view – one SNF per $750 registration. 

AHCA/NCAL members who have not yet registered for LTC Trend Tracker can register here:   https://www.ahcancal.org/research_data/trendtracker/Pages/default.aspxx.  If members are unsure of whether they have registered for LTC Trend Tracker or have questions about registering, they should email: help@ltctrendtracker.com.

Member questions about P3© may be directed to AHCA’s customer service email: DataSolutions@ahca.org.

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