Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The AHCA PDPM Academy 2020 Subscription Delivers the Best Value

Dave Kyllo

Register now for the AHCA PDPM Academy 2020 Subscription – Building Optimal Operational Capacities©. This subscription takes the place of the 2019 PDPM Academy which ceased to be updated as of January 2020. 

The PDPM 2020 Academy Subscription provides post-implementation technical assistance, six program interpretation webinars, six additional topical continuing education (CE) webinars, and significant cost savings to members when compared to working with external consultants on PDPM. Subscriptions also include an archive of all 2019 PDPM implementation information and  a library of new 2020 supporting resources.

The cost of the 2020 subscription is $299/year per individual working for a SNF member facility. The CE webinars included in the subscription will be offered as six stand-alone products for $150 each.  By joining the 2020 PDPM Academy, subscribers have free access to all six CE webinars and will save $601. SNF facility members can subscribe to PDPM 2020 Academy here.

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