Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Nursing Home Compare QM Timeframe Update

CMS has announced that as of the January 2020 refresh of Nursing Home Compare, the timeframe covered by the short stay (SNF) pressure ulcer QM has been adjusted to match the timeframe for the other MDS-based QMs. Only the four quarter average will be reported: the individual quarters on the provider preview will display NR (not reported) for every facility. Additionally, for the purposes of the downloadable files on Data.Medicare.Gov, the measure code for this QM has changed from 002 to 476, and the measure is found in the MDS Quality Measures downloadable file. The measure specifications have not changed with the new measure code.

On the CASPER Facility Level Quality Measure (QM) Reports, the long-stay pressure ulcer QM has been updated with the High Risk/Unstageable Pressure Ulcer measure. Additionally, the short-stay QM, Percentage of SNF Residents with Pressure Ulcers that are New or Worsened, can be viewed on the CASPER reports if the end date is manually changed to match the Data Calculation Date. The short-stay pressure ulcer measure will begin to automatically display on the CASPER reports in February 2020.

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