Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Accountable Care Organization Toolkit and Webinar

Nisha Hammel

AHCA launched a revised Accountable Care Organization (ACO) toolkit and accompanying pre-recorded webinars.  The revised ACO toolkit is designed in a user-friendly format and provides information on how Medicare ACOs work including the newest ACO models (such as Next Generation ACOs), new regulatory requirements (2019 Pathways to Success rule), and the role of SNF and PAC in ACOs. The toolkit includes guidance on contracting between ACOs and SNFs.

- ACO Toolkit 

  • The ACO Toolkit includes three modules and two pre-recorded webinars.  The modules are as follows:
    • Module 1 – Overview of the ACO Program: This module provides an overview of the structure, financial model and regulatory requirements of ACOs, as well as an understanding of how ACOs work including who can participate, beneficiary attribution, financial incentives, quality reporting and waivers.
    • Module 2 – Role of PAC and SNFs within ACOs: Building on Module 1, Module 2 provides a more detailed understanding of the role and opportunity for SNF and PAC in the ACO model. 
    • Module 3 – ACO-SNF Contracting Guide: Module 3 highlights the key components in the development and negotiation of contracts between SNFs and ACOs including the key components of a contract, recommendations on terms that should (or should not) be in the contract, and important considerations for contract negotiation. 

- ACO Webinar, March 19th at 2:00 pm 

  • Pre-requisite: Reviewing the modules and pre-recorded webinars
  • Question and Answer webinar to clarify information in the modules or on the webinars and/or make recommendations or suggestions.

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