Wednesday, January 29, 2020

ICYMI: Assisted Living Survey Data Now Available in LTC Trend Tracker

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Through a partnership with CarePrepareTM, LTC Trend Tracker included assisted living survey data in the latest edition of “Your AL Top-Line” – a quarterly publication released in December 2019.

Currently, survey data from 29 states is incorporated into LTC Trend Tracker, and more states will soon be added. CarePrepareTM goes through a careful process of pulling data from state regulatory websites and submitting data requests from other state agencies to compile the raw data. Then, they systematically classify the raw survey findings into eight categories and over 50 sub-categories.

Assisted living communities can see their survey performance over time and compared to the state average.

LTC Trend Tracker has always focused on showing assisted living communities their quality performance trends and providing meaningful benchmark comparisons. Now, it can do the same with state survey data.

With the CarePrepareTM survey data in “Your AL Top-Line,” users can see their survey performance from the past three surveys, as shown in the image below.

Figure 1: Example Table from Your AL Top-Line Showing Performance Over Time

Users can also see their most recent survey performance compared to the state average, as shown below.
Figure 2: Example Graph from Your AL Top-Line Showing Performance Benchmarked to the State Average

Register for LTC Trend Tracker to stay up to date with new survey data when it is available.

The survey data in LTC Trend Tracker will updated quarterly through Your AL Top-Line. The next release is expected in February. LTC Trend Tracker users get an email with their AL Top-Line as soon as it becomes available. LTC Trend Tracker is an exclusive benefit with no additional charge for members of AHCA/NCAL, so be sure to register today.

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