Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Key Considerations for the 2020 FedEx and UPS Rate Increases

Rates are going to increase in 2020 with carriers FedEx and UPS. Here are the top takeaways AHCA/NCAL members need to know to keep costs low:
  • FedEx and UPS small package rates are increasing an average of 4.9% - effective January 6, 2020 and December 29, 2019 respectively.
  • Your actual costs will vary. Depending on the service you use and your package characteristics, you could see increases above or below the average. 
  • Many common surcharges are also increasing. On top of the base rates, you need to be aware of the charges that apply to your shipments and how they’ll affect your total costs.
PartnerShip®, the endorsed shipping provider for AHCA/NCAL, has sorted through the rate charts and put together a complete guide for AHCA/NCAL members. Download the free white paper for key details about the new rates and how they may impact your business.

AHCA/NCAL members have exclusive access to discounts on select FedEx® services to help offset these increases. Enroll today to start saving.

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