Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Coming Soon…AHCA’s 2020 PDPM Academy

Dave Kyllo

Now that the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) system is in effect for skilled nursing facilities, AHCA’s existing PDPM Academy resources will be archived at the end of December and no longer updated.

AHCA then will launch its new 2020 PDPM Academy that will provide new tools and resources to help AHCA members navigate challenges, incorporate changes and successfully operate under PDPM.  Resources available through 2020 PDPM Academy will include:

  • Virtual in-depth training modules on PDPM best practices (including role-specific modules); 
  • Monthly webinars;
  • Additional tools and resources; and,
  • AHCA’s analyses of CMS’s technical changes and updates to PDPM. 

To receive an email notification when enrollment for 2020 PDPM Academy opens, follow this link and enter your name, company name and email address.  Signing up for the early notification is fast and easy.

AHCA members who have questions now about PDPM can send an email to or  call 202-842-4444 and ask to speak to a PDPM Resource Navigator.

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