Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Check Out This Free HealthCap® Incident Reduction Resource

Dave Kyllo

Incident reduction is the ultimate goal of a risk management  program and HealthCap® has a great resource in an easy-to-understand format that provides important reminders for assisted living and nursing facility staff members.  Titled “Interventions for Incident Reduction,” the one-page features 12 important areas of care and offers practical advice designed to help staff reduce the likelihood of adverse incidents.

Numerous useful resources can be found on the Resource and Education Center on the HealthCap® website.  Providers will find education opportunities (including ANCC-approved sessions), manuals, best practices and model policies.  Many of these resources are free to use with attribution to HealthCap®.

HealthCap® is endorsed by AHCA/NCAL and is the premier program solely dedicated to providing liability insurance to senior care communities.  One of the reasons HealthCap® gets such great results is its focus on quality care as the foundation of good risk management practices.  HealthCap® clients have the fewest liability claims in the industry and HealthCap® settles claims for approximately one-half the industry average. 

HealthCap® is owned and governed by the senior care providers insured by HealthCap®.  AHCA/NCAL members get a bonus advantage by always receiving a 10% discount on their HealthCap® premiums.

HealthCap® clients also receive:

  • Risk management services that make a financial difference
  • An annual on-site risk consult
  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Accredited in-service education
For more information about HealthCap®, contact Peter Feeney at Peter.Feeney@chelsearhone.com

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