Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tools To Prevent and Address Resident to Resident Mistreatment

AHCA/NCAL’s Survey/Regulatory Community has developed two new tools and a resource list to support assisted living communities and nursing centers prevent and address reported incidents of resident-to-resident mistreatment. The new member tools include a post-incident checklist and a provider self-assessment, as well as a compiled list of AHCA/NCAL resources. While mistreatment may or may not meet the definition of abuse, it would include negative and aggressive physical, sexual, or verbal interactions between long-term care residents that is unwelcome and has high potential to cause physical or psychological distress in the recipient.

Last year AHCA/NCAL published additional tools, also developed by the Survey/Regulatory committee, to support assisted living communities and nursing centers addressing adverse events. This new set of tools builds upon those resources. Members are encouraged to use and adapt these tools in a way that aligns with their unique culture, systems, and needs.

We thank the members of the Survey/Regulatory Committee for their hard work in developing these tools and hope you find them useful in improving organizations’ systems and responses to adverse events. Should you have any questions, please contact educate@ahca.org

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