Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Updated CMS Resources on CMP Reinvestments

Earlier this month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published updated resources on Civil Money Penalty (CMP) reinvestments. A portion of CMP funds must be reinvested to support projects that benefit nursing center residents and that protect or improve their quality of care or quality of life. CMS issued a memo that summarizes the updates, which include:
  • A revised “Example CMP Reinvestment Application Template” in order to reduce the review process timeline. The template now allows applicants to provide more information from the beginning, to reduce subsequent CMS requests for clarification. It also now includes a feature to indicate submission of an “extension project” for submissions that are identical to previously approved project or duplicated in another state.  CMS also offers new resources to assist applicants with provident adequate information for a complete review by CMS.
  • Updated CMP reinvestment state plan resources for the CY 2020 submission because the previous resources were specific to 2019. CMS also added guidance for sections including the Emergency Reserve Fund, Annual Administrative Use and Available Funds sections.
  • More information on previously funded projects and results. This includes: updates to the “State CMP Reinvestment Projects Funded in CY 2017” document with additional reported results; adding the “State CMP Reinvestment Projects Funded in CY 2018” document to the web page; and adding articles describing eight approved CMP projects in 12 states.
  • A new document providing examples of project submissions that contain non-allowable uses of CMP reinvestment funds.
AHCA continues to monitor and advocate for CMP reinvestment programs. We welcome any comments or questions to regulatory@ahca.org.

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