Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Good Samaritan Society Residents Successfully Evacuated and Return Home

Dana Halvorson and Erin Prendergast

In what now is the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian in Florida, Good Samaritan Society residents have safely returned to their homes in Daytona and Kissimmee, Florida.  Prior to the hurricane, within 48 hours Good Samaritan Society-Kissimmee Village and Good Samaritan Society-Daytona successfully evacuated more than 200 residents to the safety of DeLand, Fla., at another Good Samaritan Society location about 20 miles west of Daytona and 60 miles south of Kissimmee.  You can read about the coordinated effort in more detail here.   

If your facility or member facilities have been affected by Hurricane Dorian, please contact Erin Prendergast (SNF Providers) or Dana Halvorson (ICF/IID Providers) with any requests for support, resources, or questions.

Beneficiaries and providers of healthcare services that have been impacted can seek help by visiting CMS’s emergency webpage.  CMS will be temporarily waiving or modifying certain Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP requirements.  CMS will also issue a number of blanket waivers, listed on the website below, and the CMS Regional Office will grant other provider-specific requests for specific types of providers in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.  These waivers work to provide continued access to care for beneficiaries.  For more information on the waivers CMS has granted, visit: www.cms.gov/emergency.

To find additional hurricane preparedness and response resources for the health sector and the latest regarding HHS activities for Hurricane Dorian, please visit: www.phe.gov/dorian.

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