Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Discover Exclusive AHCA/NCAL Member Savings Opportunities at the AHCA/NCAL Convention Expo in Orlando!

Dave Kyllo

AHCA/NCAL members receive special “member only” savings from select premier partners in AHCA/NCAL’s Preferred Provider Program.  Learn more about these exclusive savings programs by visiting these booths in the AHCA/NCAL Convention Expo Hall in Orlando at the 70th Annual AHCA/NCAL Convention and Expo held October 13-16.

HealthCap®  Booth #1903
HealthCap® is the premier AHCA/NCAL endorsed insurance program providing liability insurance to the senior care sector!  
HealthCap® clients have both lower claims frequency and lower claims severity than other major liability insurance carriers– two powerful reasons why AHCA/NCAL members rave about HealthCap®.  Another plus – AHCA/NCAL members receive a 10% discount on their HealthCap premiums.  The HealthCap® Resource and Education Center is now free and available to all AHCA/NCAL members!   Visit the HealthCap team to learn more.  

AHCA/NCAL Gero Nurse Prep  Booth #2321

Gero Nurse Prep and ANCC Board Certification Create RN Heroes Who Can Improve Key Clinical Outcomes, Reduce Survey Deficiencies and Increase SNF VBP Scores! 

Gero Nurse Prep prepares RNs for the ANCC Board Certification exam in gerontological nursing and increases geriatric nurse competency by 24% based on pre- and post-GNP course test scores.  Visit with Dr. Heidi Keeler to learn how Gero Nurse Prep can help strengthen your clinical performance, increase reimbursements and reduce survey citations.

AHCA/NCAL Insurance Solutions/Compass Total Benefit Solutions    Booth #2418

Discover the Affordable Health Plan Designed to Help AHCA/NCAL Members Recruit and Retain Staff and Reduce Expenses!

With premiums at $1 an hour for full-time employees, the Compass Minimum Essential Coverage plan delivers the health benefits employees want with no deductibles and low co-pays.  Employer contributions can range from 0 to 100% and there is no underwriting!  Stop by and ask the Insurance Solutions team how this plan can cut employee benefit costs and make your facility a more attractive and lucrative place to work and save on your overall health benefits expenses.     

Cleary Energy  Booth #2319

Take Advantage of Cleary Energy’s No-Risk Opportunity to Audit Your Utility Bills and Stop Wasteful Overcharges!

Most (75%) of LTC facilities are being overcharged on their utilities.  Cleary Energy has recouped on average 4% to 8% savings on utilities for long term care facility customers through its exclusive utility audit program. If no refund, savings or credits are received, AHCA/NCAL member facilities owe nothing to Cleary Energy for conducting the utility audit and you’ll know you’re not overpaying.  Stop by to meet Dennis Cleary and learn how easy it is to start saving on your facility utility bills and drop off a business card for a chance to win a “Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker II.”

CARES® Online Dementia Training   Booth #1511

CARES® is the Only Online Dementia Care Training Endorsed by AHCA/NCAL and Recognized by CMS! 

CARES® delivers affordable, high quality, video-based online training for staff at all levels to meet state and federal training requirements.   CARES® is the only dementia care training to make extensive use of actual footage of real residents and real staff members (no actors) for truly authentic virtual training environment. CARES® is recommended by AHCA/NCAL to help reduce the off-label use of antipsychotics.

AHCA/NCAL Member Savings Program  Booth #2420

All AHCA/NCAL Members Receive Exclusive “Members Only” Savings Opportunities Through the AHCA/NCAL Member Savings Program. 

Members can save on outstanding educational programs, liability and health insurance, utility expenses, job postings and more.  Stop by Booth #2420 to learn more about the programs designed to deliver real-world solutions that improve clinical and financial performance.   

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