Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Resources Ready For You on Reducing Unnecessary Use of Antipsychotic Medication

Holly Harmon

AHCA/NCAL is here to support your efforts on reducing the unnecessary use of antipsychotic medication, a national goal set by CMS as well as the AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative. Below are key member resources available on ahcancalED. Each resource was designed by members with firsthand experience in antipsychotic medication reduction and improving care of people with dementia.

The Antipsychotic Management Toolkit is a two-part webinar series that provides an overview of the AHCA Clinical Considerations of Antipsychotic Management Toolkit and practical application and strategies for reducing antipsychotic medication use. Part 1 & 2 include presentation slides from the webinar and handouts of the Antipsychotic Management Toolkit.
The Antipsychotics Consumer Fact Sheet provides family members and others involved in a resident’s care background on the off-label use of antipsychotics, as well as frequently asked questions regarding loved ones living with dementia. It also gives family members suggestions on how they can partner with providers to get the best possible care for their loved one. This resource provides three helpful handouts which include, 15 ways to use the fact sheet and the consumer fact sheet in English and Spanish.

Building Prevention into Every Day Practice: A Framework for Successful Clinical Outcomes is a framework designed by the Association’s Clinical Practice Committee that outlines guiding elements such as individualized care approaches, effective transitions of care, QAPI concepts, safety, risk management, team-based care, and diagnostic quality. Care providers that use these resources can more effectively apply knowledge through organizational approaches and clinical care that leads to optimal patient outcomes and quality of life.

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