Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Now Available! The NALW 2019 Planning Guide & Product Catalog

Rachel Reeves

Get those creative juices going on activities for National Assisted Living Week® (September 8-14, 2019) with this year’s Planning Guide and Product Catalog. The planning guide offers ideas to help your residents explore their creative side, improve your assisted living community, and celebrate your staff. All suggested activities and official products highlight this year’s theme, “A Spark of Creativity.”

The theme hopes to inspire residents to find purpose and joy through creativity, whether through the arts or beyond. Specifically, art therapy has been shown to offer many benefits to older adults, many of which are discussed in the Planning Guide. Additionally, the theme aims to inspire assisted living staff to get creative in order to further person-centered care to residents.

Some of the suggested activities include:
  • Set up art classes or activities led by expert residents, staff, or a local organization and maximized for older adults or individuals with disabilities.
  • Host an Art Show or an Open Mic Night to show off the masterpieces your residents, staff and volunteers create during NALW, and invite loved ones and local members of community.
  • Create a Community Mural to bring together residents, families and staff, and display it prominently in your assisted living community for all to see.
  • Hold a resident council meeting and/or a family town hall and encourage everyone to offer their creative ideas to improve your assisted living community.
  • Create “Resident Inspiration Boards” (a twist on memory boxes) – Work with each resident to find family pictures, images of activities or things they love, quotes that inspire them, goals they want to achieve, etc. Hang the inspiration board in each resident’s room.
  • Award staff with “The Most Creative Idea Award” for ideas they put forth to improve the everyday lives of residents.
Share your own activity ideas on the NALW Facebook page.

The guide also connects providers to this year’s NALW official products, which can also be found in AHCA/NCAL’s online bookstore. Get in the spirit with t-shirts, balloons, posters and more.

Looking to create your own materials? The NALW website ( offers this year’s logo in a variety of formats available for download. Please make sure to follow our logo policy:

Download the logo in various formats for online use as well as professional print products. You may use the following files, intact, to promote National Assisted Living Week 2019. All other rights, including the creation of derivative works, are reserved by the National Center for Assisted Living.

Stay tuned for a forthcoming media toolkit to help assisted living providers promote NALW in their community.

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