Tuesday, June 25, 2019

LTC Trend Tracker New Report: SNF Quality Measures

Lonnita Myles

LTC Trend Tracker has a new and improved report that gives our members a dynamic look inside the data that LTC Trend Tracker has to offer! This new SNF Quality Measures Report includes data from Discharge to Community, Quality Metrics, Five-Star, and so much more. With this report, our members can customize the report to show metrics that are of their specific interest, drill down to center-level data for each metric, and customize the time-frame for the data they are viewing. This dynamic report is the first of many modern enhancements coming to LTC Trend Tracker, so stay tuned for updates!

Have you checked out the newest Top-Line publications? These publications include metrics and charts outlining progress of individual assisted living communities and skilled nursing facilities on Quality Measures, the Quality Initiative, and other necessary data to help them achieve their desired goals. Members can access these publications anytime by logging into their LTC Trend Tracker account, and accessing their “View & Download Publications” tab.

Need assistance with LTC Trend Tracker functionality? Feel free to access our resource center located at www.ltctrendtracker.com.

Have additional questions about how to utilize this new feature? Feel free to reach out to the LTC Trend Tracker team at help@ltctrendtracker.com!

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