Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Build Your CNAs’ Careers this National Nursing Assistants Week with the CARES® Dementia Specialist Credential and Save 15%

Dave Kyllo

June 13-19, 2019 is National Nursing Assistants Week.  Recognize your frontline staff’s dedication by advancing their dementia care knowledge and caregiver careers.  Train and credential key members of your staff with the CARES® Dementia Specialist™ (C.D.S.) professional credentialing program.

Each member of your team completing the C.D.S. will learn advanced quality dementia care strategies based upon the Alzheimer’s Association’s new Dementia Care Practice Recommendations.  Having caregivers who are credentialed dementia care specialists translates to a far more efficient and effective dementia care team and reduces staff reliance on licensed nurses to solve the repetitious questions and issues that arise daily when providing care to residents with dementia. 

The C.D.S. credential also provides employees with a higher level of care knowledge and expertise that allows them to grow personally and professionally and be recognized by their peers.  Consider a team of three to five C.D.S. credentialed staff to serve as the “go to” dementia specialists within your organization. 

By completing the CARES® Dementia Specialist training programs, submitting their documentation, passing a required 100-point online C.D.S. credentialing exam, and being approved, staff members will be able to use the C.D.S. credential after their name, on their resume, or on a business card. Staff members will also be placed on a national registry of people who earn and hold a current C.D.S. credential.  Recognize your CARES® Dementia Specialists by displaying their credentialing certificates in your lobby and telling your residents’ families about your knowledgeable caregivers.

The C.D.S. curriculum consists of 32 hours of online, video-based person-centered dementia care education.  Once activated, individuals have 10-day access to each of the six required courses (courses range from 4 to 10 hours).  The C.D.S. courses include: 
CARES® is recommended by the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living to help reduce the off-label use of antipsychotics. CARES® is also recognized by CMS and is mobile friendly and available 24/7.

CARES® training is unique because it includes direct video “before and after” training with an easy-to-use, easy-to-apply approach to dementia care called the CARES® Approach®. The CARES® Approach can be used in any situation, with any person with dementia, at any stage of the disease.  Unlike most other dementia training programs, the CARES® C.D.S. credential teaches how to change care practices to help reduce challenging resident behaviors.
Be sure to take advantage of your exclusive AHCA/NCAL member discount.  AHCA/NCAL members receive a 15% discount on the $599.95 C.D.S. package by using discount code AHCA15 at checkout!
Contact HealthCare Interactive at (952) 928-7722 with any questions about the CARES® trainings or to place your order.    

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