Tuesday, June 25, 2019

6th Annual Rehabilitation Program: Imagineering SNF Rehab Under PDPM

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This four-hour Rehabilitation Therapy Program takes place on October 13th and will include presentations and panel discussions. The presenters will share their experiences, lessons-learned, and recommendations for best practices.
Session 1: How Much Is the Right Amount of Therapy?

This session will cover how rehabilitation therapy utilization could change under PDPM and how it can be managed to insure we are delivering necessary medical rehabilitation services while being responsible stewards of Medicare resources. You will:
  • Explore rehabilitation care management that includes defining comprehensive rehabilitation services, effective population health management approaches, and how the evidence in research informs your practice
  • Develop strategies for delivering value to patients, achieving positive clinical outcomes, and quality measures
Session 2: Managing Compliance Risk under PDPM
This session will review current and future standards and measures of compliance as stated in CMS’ education on PDPM. Participants will:
  • Learn to define aspects of compliance in coding, MDS assessment, clinical documentation, and quality measure reporting
  • Explore compliance risk areas and how they may be mitigated through internal audit processes, education, and what it means to establish a culture of compliance
The Rehabilitation Therapy Program is a separate ticketed event and must be purchased in addition to any Convention registration package.

Early bird discounts are available through July 26. Check out everything the Convention & Expo offers online.

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