Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Collaboration Between Hospitals and Nursing Centers Can Improve Outcomes

Rosa Baier

A Brown University team led by Dr. Vincent Mor examined the nature and degree of hospitals’ efforts to collaborate with skilled nursing centers and associated patient outcomes. They found that collaboration  is associated with positive outcomes for people transitioning from hospitals to nursing centers.

The study involved interviewing staff in 16 hospitals and 25 nursing centers in eight markets across the US, as well as examining Medicare claims data for nearly 300,000 patients discharged from those same 16 hospitals in a seven-year period (2008-2015). The team used the interview data to classify hospitals’ collaboration efforts with nursing centers into “high” versus “low” collaboration groups and to understand collaboration activities. These included establishing partnerships, transition management initiatives, and conducting hospital staff visits at nursing centers. Compared to low-collaboration hospitals, high-collaboration facilities were more likely to discharge patients to nursing centers (vs. other post-acute care settings, home, or home with home health); discharged a higher share of patients to high-quality nursing centers; and reduced nursing center readmissions from sooner and more.

Although the Brown researchers recognize that collaboration been hospitals and nursing centers requires significant investment in administrative and clinical time, they conclude that such relationships can improve patients’ transitions and outcomes.

Learn about research from AHCA’s research center at Brown: brown.edu/go/innovation.

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