Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Opportunity to Participate in Research Project

As you plan for this coming fall’s influenza season, there is an opportunity to participate in a research project with the AHCA sponsored research center at Brown University working with Insight Therapeutics, LLC. The research project will compare two FDA-approved vaccines and their effectiveness in preventing respiratory-related hospital admissions in nursing home residents.  Consent is not necessary since this study was approved as minimal risk and compares two CDC-recommended and FDA-approved vaccines.

If you participate, you will receive a supply of influenza vaccine at no cost for use with your residents and staff for the 2019-2020 fall’s flu season. Each participating facility will also receive a small honorarium for monthly data reports on vaccination rates throughout the flu season.

We encourage you to contact Insight Therapeutics, LLC, at NHFlustudy@inther.com or 757-625-6040. 

For additional information on the participation requirements go to  https://join.nhflustudy.com/.

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