Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Participate in the Behavioral Health Salary & Benefits Study

Rosanne Zabka

Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service (HCS) is conducting its 3rd annual Behavioral Health Salary & Benefits Study, and they need your help. Behavioral Health providers are asked to complete the study's questionnaire by March 11th.
There is no cost to participate in the study. Participants may purchase the results at the reduced price of $175, versus the $350 nonparticipant rate. Publication is scheduled for May 2019.
Questionnaires can be downloaded at: https://www.hhcsinc.com/survey-questionnaires.html 

You can notify HCS you intend to submit your data, or request an extension past the March 11th deadline by emailing Rosanne Zabka, rzabka@hhcsinc.com.

The report covers mental health, AoD, and developmental disability jobs.  The results will include hourly and bonus data for 50+ jobs, caseload size, productivity, turnover, and 12 fringe benefits.  Job data will include the 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentiles, average, number of employees, and number of facilities reported by job.  Planned increases for 2020 will be reported for management, hourly, program managers, direct support professionals, case managers, clinicians, and RNs. 

All data results are compliant with anti-trust regulations for survey data reporting.  HCS surveys are recognized as an acceptable survey source by the GAO.  All data received remains confidential.

HCS publishes ten annual healthcare compensation studies. Nationally known, their reports are recognized as the standard for reliable, comprehensive, and affordable compensation data.

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