Wednesday, January 23, 2019

E-Verify Unavailable Due to Government Shutdown

Drew Thies

Due to the partial government shutdown, the online employment status verification system, E-Verify, is no longer operational. The system is under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security, one of the several departments that is currently unfunded.

Virtually all E-Verify functionality is unavailable, including the ability to enroll, create a case, take any action, and edit information.

As a result, several new interim policies are in effect to relieve the burden on employers and employees reliant on E-Verify. Several deadlines are extended while E-Verify is unavailable, including the time for resolving Tentative Nonconfirmations (TNCs) and the “three-day rule” for creating E-Verify cases.

E-Verify is a voluntary program for most employers but is mandatory for federal contractors and employers in Arizona and Mississippi. In South Carolina it is encouraged for all employers; in Idaho, Minnesota, and North Carolina it is required for state agencies; and in Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Utah it is required for public contractors and state agencies.

Additional information can be found on the E-Verify website and at the Society for Human Resource Management.

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