Tuesday, November 13, 2018

SNFs Evacuated Ahead of Devastating California Wildfire

Drew Thies

Three skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) in Paradise, California were evacuated ahead of the Camp Fire. About 175 residents were completely evacuated Friday as the fire spread. All three facilities were destroyed by the fire over the weekend.

Residents were evacuated to other providers in the area but safely away from the fire. The Camp Fire is both the most destructive and most deadly wildfire in California history.

Caregivers and staff acted bravely to help evacuate the residents in the limited time available, according to an article from McKnight’s.

“I don’t think they slept for 40 to 50 hours,” said Aaron Edmonds, area president of Plum Healthcare, the parent company of one of the three Paradise SNFs. “They couldn’t sleep until they were sure that all of our patients were safe and the work was done.”

“They’re the heroes in this,” Edmonds continued. “They put themselves in danger and put their lives on the line to help people who couldn’t help themselves.

“Ninety-five percent of the town is gone,” Paradise council member Michael Zuccolillo told the San Francisco Chronicle. “The remaining 5 percent of buildings are barely standing.”

Plum is actively working to ensure both residents and workers are being attended to, cared for, and are able to find new, permanent housing and employment whether at another of the company’s SNFs, or at a different provider.

The California Association of Health Facilities posted fundraising campaigns for the long term care fire victims. These individuals lost nearly everything and help is still much needed.

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