Monday, October 1, 2018

Quality Sessions at AHCA/NCAL Convention: Get Inspired – Keep Focused – Improve Care

Every year, AHCA/NCAL hears from our members that the education sessions provided during the annual AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo are relevant, high-quality and important to improving the systems, processes, and ultimately the care they provide.

This year’s Convention is filled with education sessions that will inspire and provide you with additional tools to achieve high-quality care. To some extent, all of the education sessions will impact the Quality Initiative goals. For example, data sessions will help you understand how to use data to track and trend your performance in the various measures.  Below are some of the education sessions that particularly relate to the Quality Initiative goals. For more information about each session, click here.

Goals for Nursing Centers: 
  •  Reduce Hospitalizations; Improve Customer Satisfaction; Improve Functional Outcomes; and Reduce Antipsychotics
Goals for Assisted Living Communities:  
  • Reduce Hospitalizations; Improve Customer Satisfaction; Staff Stability; and Reduce Antipsychotics.  

Rehabilitation Therapy Sessions on Sunday, October 7 (Note: this is a separately ticketed event)
These sessions focus on functional outcomes and interdisciplinary approaches to providing care as well as reducing antipsychotics; the topics are linked to customer satisfaction.

NCAL Day on Sunday, October 7 (Note:  this is a separately ticketed event)
Sessions related to Quality Initiative goals:
  • From Theory to Practice: How to Improve Job Satisfaction and Retention with the 7/30/60 Day Engagement Model  (Staff Stability, Customer Satisfaction)
  • Improv and Dementia: Learning to Say “Yes and” When Interacting with Residents with Dementia (Staff Stability, Customer Satisfaction, Reducing Antipsychotics)
  • Alzheimer's Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations (Customer Satisfaction, Reduce Antipsychotics)
  • The Gold Award: How To, Tools and Resources (Overall Quality Initiative)
  • Silver Quality Award: How To, Tools, and Resources (Overall Quality Initiative)
  • Employee Focus Groups for Staffing Stability: Theory-to-Practice (Staff Stability)
  • Behold the Power of Data (Overall Quality Initiative)
  • Award Alchemy: Changing Silver to Gold (Overall Quality Initiative)
  • How’d They Do That?  A Dataholic’s Guide to Great Performance (Overall Quality Initiative)
  • Turning Compliance into Connections - Technology as a Key to Person-Centered Approaches for Dementia Care (Reduce Antipsychotics, Customer Satisfaction)
  • Changing the Perception of Dementia Through Holding Onto Principles of Encouragement - H.O.P.E. (Reduce Antipsychotics, Customer Satisfaction, Staff Stability)
  • Preventing Hospital Re-Admissions (Hospitalizations, Customer Satisfaction)
  • Addressing Distress Through Meaningful Activities for Residents with Dementia (Reduce Antipsychotics, Customer Satisfaction)
  • Antibiotic Drug Usage and Clinical Indications to Understand Antibiotic Prescribing Practices (Hospitalizations, Customer Satisfaction)
  • How Telemedicine Enhances Treating In Place in Skilled and Assisted Living Facilities (Hospitalizations, Customer Satisfaction)
  • Living the Mission: Making Every Stressful Day a Blessing (Staff Stability)
  • Achieving Quality and Financial Outcomes by Improving Medication Safety in Transitions of Care (Hospitalizations)
  • The Silver Criteria: Matching Game (Overall Quality Initiative)
  • Implementing Strategies for Leadership Stability (Staff Stability)
  • Transformative Care: Understanding the Biological Basis of Trauma/Toxic Stress and How to Work with Patients Who Have Developmental Trauma in relation to Addiction and the Opioid Crisis. Part 1 of 2 (Staff Stability, Customer Satisfaction)
  • Preventing and Responding to Bullying Between Older Adults (Customer Satisfaction, Staff Stability)
  • Customer Satisfaction: Strive for the Best (Customer Satisfaction)
  • The Dementia-Focused Survey: Quality Initiative Goals and Regulations (Reduce Antipsychotics, Customer Satisfaction)
  • Leading in the 21st Century: What Does it Take? (Staff Stability)
  • The Effective Milieu for Individuals with Complex Behavioral Presentations (Staff Stability,
  • Customer Satisfaction)
  • The Reputation Age: How Consumers are Reshaping Long Term Care in their Own Images
  • Mind the Brain! Support for Residents with Disruptions of Thinking, Feeling or Behaving (Reduce Antipsychotics, Customer Satisfaction)
  • Cycles of Learning (Overall Quality Initiative)
  • Toward Better Behavior: Yours, Mine, and Everyone Else’s (Staff Stability, Customer Satisfaction)
  • Understanding Why People Complain and How to Create a Positive Outcome (Customer Satisfaction)
  • Approaches for Behavior Management (Staff Stability, Customer Satisfaction)
  • People Get Ready - the BOOMERS are Coming! (Customer Satisfaction)
  • CMS Changes to Nursing Home Compare (NHC) (Overall Quality Initiative)
  • So, What is Trauma-Informed Care Anyway? (Overall Quality Initiative, Customer Satisfaction, Staff Stability)

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