Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Important Midterm Elections Only One Week Away

Drew Thies

The midterm elections will be held next Tuesday, November 6 and will decide the makeup of both Chambers of Congress as well as the legislative agenda for the second half of President Trump’s first term.

Every House seat and 33 Senate seats are at stake and the composition of both chambers is so close that a range of possible outcomes are likely. Democrats need to win 23 more seats in the House to flip the chamber and two in the Senate (Vice President Pence would break any ties).

Despite needing to take back a larger portion of seats in the chamber, the path for Democrats to take the House is much easier than it is in the Senate. There are about 75 competitive races in the House. In the Senate, very few vulnerable Republicans are up for election while the Democrats must defend several seats in states Trump won in the 2016 election.

In addition to the Congressional elections, there are 6,665 state positions and thousands of local ones, as well as ballot initiatives. 36 states will elect governors. Specific ballots can be found here.

Several states have early voting options, but different states handle it in varying ways. The New York Times has a guide.

If you have missed the deadline for early voting or would like to vote in person, polling locations can be found here.

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