Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The AL Cost Calculator is Here

Today NCAL revealed a new member benefit for assisted living providers, the AL Cost Calculator. Powered by Prime Care Technologies, the AL Cost Calculator is web-based, enhanced resident assessment tool that allows assisted living providers to assess how costs are allocated across residents.

“With resident acuity on the rise and workforce availability shrinking, assisted living providers face increasing pressures to efficiently and effectively meet consumer demands,” said Chris Mason, CEO of Senior Housing Managers and NCAL Immediate Past Chair. “The AL Cost Calculator will allow assisted living providers to better understand the full needs of their residents, so they can put the right staff with the right skills in the right place at the right time.”

The AL Cost Calculator allows an assisted living community to assess costs by completing an assessment with 25 possible health and service categories for each resident. Users then enter in wages for licensed and unlicensed staff, and then the AL Cost Calculator computes the average monthly costs for each resident and the overall monthly costs for the community. Other anticipated monthly costs, such as taxes and benefits, may also be factored in to total costs.

Other features include:
  • Multi-facility companies can compare costs per community over time
  • Attractive, customizable graphs of cost data across the organization
  • Download, print or export graphs and data in multiple formats
  • Easily update resident assessments or care costs at any time 
Why use the AL Cost Calculator? 
  • ​Assisted living communities may already fill out resident assessment forms, but the AL Cost Calculator puts dollars behind that information.
  • Better understand where your resources are going across your organization, over time.
  • Drill down costs per resident, or compare costs organization-wide, per community.
  • Compare between licensed and unlicensed staff as well as the type of care task.
  • With acuity rising in assisted living, better monitor the evolving needs of your residents.
  • If you’re a Medicaid provider, help educate state Medicaid programs about assisted living costs.
  • Best of all, it’s an exclusive benefit as part of NCAL membership, meaning there’s no additional cost.

“This data is imperative in today’s value-based marketplace,” said NCAL Executive Director Scott Tittle. “As managed care companies, accountable care organizations, and other health care providers look to partner with high-quality, low-cost providers, assisted living communities could use the AL Cost Calculator to help demonstrate their value. NCAL is pleased to offer yet another data solution to help assisted living providers stay ahead of the curve.”

Learn more, register for the tool, or see how-to videos on our website:

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