Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A New Affordable Health Benefit Plan That Truly “Wows” Frontline Staff

Dave Kyllo

AHCA/NCAL Insurance Solutions offer a new minimum essential coverage health plan to members. The new plan was developed by Compass Total Benefit Solutions and offers two new affordable options for providing many of the health insurance benefits that are important to long term care employees.

An executive director from an Oklahoma member facility recently shared the impact the new plan had on one of her staff in an email. “I had a CNA who literally was in tears because she did not qualify for Insure Oklahoma and couldn’t afford Community Care,” she wrote. “It was such a blessing to offer this young couple [the CNA & her husband] coverage that most places can’t/don’t. She was so thankful and so am I.”  

The new plans feature affordable premiums and co-pays for valued and commonly used services, including prescriptions, physician visits and free unlimited 24/7 access to TELADOC. The Compass 1 plan costs about $1 per hour for a full-time employee or $161 per month. The Compass 2 plan costs $182 per month. The Compass 2 plan costs a little more because it includes higher indemnity payments for hospitalizations. Here’s the rate schedule:

 Monthly Premiums
Compass 1
Compass 2
EE & Spouse
EE & Children

The plan was designed with long term care staff members in mind to help those employees who cannot afford Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant plan premiums or the high deductibles associated with many ACA plans. Even though traditional ACA compliant plans are classified as “affordable,” they are not an option that many long term care employees can afford.  

Employers decide the level of contribution for plan expenses for coverage for employees, their spouses, their children or family coverage. Employers can pay all the costs, share the costs with employees, or have employees pay for coverage completely as a voluntary option. Or LTC employers can increase their employer contribution over time based on an employee’s length of service. Both plans are flexible. In addition, employers have options such as covering all the costs for employee coverage but having the employee pay the premiums for their spouse and/or children.

While this new AHCA/NCAL Insurance Solutions plan satisfies all 71 benefits required under the Affordable Care Act, it is not a fully compliant ACA plan. It is considered a minimum essential coverage (MEC) plan and should be offered alongside a traditional ACA compliant plan to avoid any ACA employer penalties.

There is no additional underwriting for the Compass plan and no mandatory wait periods for new employees to join the Compass MEC plans. Any wait periods are determined by the employer. There is a minimum of five employees that must be enrolled to offer the plan to employees.

The ability to offer a health insurance plan at little to no cost to employees allows AHCA/NCAL members to market their facilities as superior employers in comparison to competing employers.  This plan is much less expensive to an employer compared to a traditional employee health benefit plan and costs far less than the expense of an employee who turns over.

Read this Q&A document for more information about Compass plans for AHCA/NCAL members. Versions of the Compass 1 & 2 MEC plans are available in all 50 states. Changes to the Hospital Indemnity benefit vary based on state approvals. For more information about this innovative new employee health benefit, please contact Nick Cianci at 202-898-2841 or Dave Kyllo at 202-898-6312 or email

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