Wednesday, May 16, 2018

PBJ Data and Your Center's Five-Star Rating: Check Out Your Top-Line Publication

Today, May 16, skilled nursing center members that are LTC Trend Tracker users will be emailed their LTC Trend Tracker Quarter 2 Top-Line Publication.

This valuable LTC Trend Tracker resource is a brief data report on your center and outlines your facility's Five-Star performance and ways to improve it. In addition, the Top-Line publication shows your center's progress on the 2018-2021 AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative

In February, survey scores became based on two cycles instead of three as part of the survey score freeze. On April 25, staffing ratings became based on quarterly Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) data instead of staffing data collected on CMS Form-671 during a standard survey. New risk-adjustments and cut points for determining star ratings were implemented as part of the transition. 

To help skilled nursing center members understand how these changes impact their Five-Star rating, we've included in this this edition of the Top-Line publication PBJ data and an explanation as to how your center's two cycle survey score is calculated

Users can leverage this report to explain to residents, families, and referral partners such as hospitals why their Five-Star rating has changed.

As a reminder, please remember to add the email address from which the publication will be sent from,, to your Safe Sender list to prevent any issues receiving the email.

If you do not receive the Top-Line in your email inbox, please take the following steps to view the report:
  • Search your clutter or spam folder for the email.
  • Log in to your LTC Trend Tracker account, click on "Manage Publications", and then "View and Download Publications". You may then select the publication you wish to view.
If you have any questions about LTC Trend Tracker or need additional assistance, please contact the team at

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