Monday, March 26, 2018

The First Program Year of SNF VBP: What you Need to Know
Data collected for the first year of the SNF VBP program, which will impact payment starting on Oct. 1, 2018, has already been collected by CMS, but there are still several reasons to continue to focus on the program and your SNF RM rehospitalization rates.

  • Data used to calculate your SNF RM rates in CY 2017 have been collected, but not finalized. CMS posts Quarterly Confidential Feedback reports via the Quality Improvement Evaluation System (QIES) and the CASPER reporting application. Providers are encouraged to review these reports and alert CMS of any potential errors pertaining to their SNF RM rates by emailing Correction requests must be submitted before March 31, 2018. 
  • In August of 2018, CMS will be posting Annual Confidential Feedback reports that contain SNF RM rates for CY 2017 and the corresponding performance scores. Providers have 30 days from the posting of their annual report on the QIES reporting application to alert CMS of any issues.
  • While the performance window for the first year of SNF VBP (CY 2017) has passed, the performance window for the second year of SNF VBP (FY 2018) has already begun. Now is the time to improve rehospitalization rates that will impact payment starting on Oct. 1, 2019!  
In April of 2018, AHCA will be releasing a new dynamic report via LTC Trend Tracker that will enable centers to forecast the fiscal impact of the SNF VBP program. This report can be used for the first year of the program as well as program years to come. The SNF RM measure is claims based and is lagged over six-months. The new Trend Tracker tool will give members an estimate of how they will fare in the program well before CMS sends official notifications. AHCA will provide more information to members in April. 

For more information on the SNF VBP program and to access tools and resources on ahcancalED and other sites visit AHCA's VBP website here.

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