Wednesday, February 28, 2018

AHCA/NCAL Gears Up for Election Season

Drew Thies

AHCA/NCAL is preparing for another summer and fall full of facility tours for Members of Congress on the campaign trail. As lawmakers wrap up their last pieces of must-pass legislation, long term and post-acute care providers are prepared to show them the important care the deliver to millions of Americans.

The midterm elections are November 6th which means all Representatives and a third of the Senate will be campaigning in their districts and states this year. Legislative activity usually slows down in an election year, as lawmakers try to avoid votes on controversial bills and instead spend time with constituents.

AHCA/NCAL members are ready to showcase the significant improvements in quality skilled nursing and assisted living providers have made in recent years. Every year, AHCA/NCAL coordinates hundreds of tours to better educate lawmakers on the long term and post-acute care sector.

Members of Congress benefit both from being able to meet constituents in their communities as well as from learning about important health care issues affecting providers. In some districts, these communities are the largest employer in the district.

If you would like to schedule or host a facility tour, please contact Matt Smyth at or 202-898-2817.

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