Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New HealthCap Blog Explores Latest Developments in Lewy Body Dementia Diagnosis and Treatment

HealthCap is endorsed by AHCA/NCAL and is the premier program solely dedicated to providing liability insurance to senior care communities. HealthCap clients have the fewest liability claims in the industry and HealthCap settles claims for half the industry average. 

One of the reasons HealthCap gets such great results is its focus on quality care as the foundation of good risk management practices. A new blog written Erica Holman, a senior risk manager at HealthCap, discusses the latest developments in the detection of Lewy Bodies disease, including the newest list of major symptoms developed by Lewy Body experts. The blog also discusses non-pharmacologic therapies and provide actionable best practices long term care professionals can follow.

HealthCap is owned and governed by the senior care providers insured by HealthCap. AHCA/NCAL members get a bonus advantage by always receiving a 10% discount on their HealthCap premiums.

HealthCap clients also receive:
  • Risk management services that make a financial difference
  • An annual on-site risk consult
  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Accredited in-service education
For more information about HealthCap, email Stephanie Hale at or call (877) 855-4227.  

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