Monday, October 9, 2017

AHCA Quality Initiative: The Latest Data

Kiran Sreenivas

People have different needs as they age. The long-term and post-acute care continuum is quite expansive, and as such not all nursing homes are the same. Some nursing homes specialize in dementia care for Alzheimer’s, others on post-acute rehabilitation from joint replacements and everything in between. All provider types are represented in AHCA/NCAL’s membership, and all have a stake in the AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative with its various measures. 

As a specific example, consider Edgemoor DPSNF, one of this year’s AHCA/NCAL Gold Quality Award recipients. They are a county-run “safety net” facility with a mission to take those individuals who cannot be served by other skilled nursing facilities in the area and who would otherwise be a burden on the community. Even with their unique circumstances, there are Quality Initiative goals, like long-stay hospitalizations, that are applicable to them. 

At the macro-level, the latest data as of September 2017 shows AHCA/NCAL members are improving in quality, regardless of their specialty or unique circumstances. There is just as much progress on measures pertinent to members that focus on long-term care, such as antipsychotics, with 55 percent of members achieving the goal, as those measures relevant to short-stay post-acute care, such as functional improvement, with 53 percent of members achieving the goal. 

The graph below shows the specific breakdown across the long-stay and short-stay goals in the Initiative. For the latest progress data on all other goals, click here.

The Quality Initiative Recognition Program relaunched last month is fitting given the tremendous progress seen. Learn more about the recognition program here.

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