Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Congress in Recess

Carly Sfregola

The United States Congress is in recess until September 5, 2017, when the lawmakers will return to Washington, D.C.  While Members of Congress are at home in their districts, AHCA advocates are encourage to reach out. This is a great time to build personal relationships with lawmakers.

Reforms to the Medicaid program will continue to be discussed and proposed in Congress, so we must continue to educate lawmakers on the value of this program to our residents. Brush up on our talking points here.

One of the most valuable educational tools we have is our facilities. Invite your Representative or Senator to come and tour your facility in the next few weeks and read our Steps to a Successful Facility Tour resource. If you’d like help arranging a facility tour, then please contact Matt Smyth, Senior Director, Grassroots & Member Advocacy, at:  202-898-2817 or for assistance.

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