Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Call for Stories – Observation Stays Issue

Dana Halvorson and Andrea Todd

AHCA/NCAL continues its work on the observation stays issue. Our efforts include working with the Observation Stays Coalition to support the Improving Access to Medicare Coverage Act of 2017 (S. 568/H.R. 1421). This legislation ensures observation stays count toward the Medicare-required three-day hospital stay, and the Coalition continues to connect with key members of Congress to support it.

You have helped us in the past by submitting stories that put a face on the financial and emotional impact of this issue. That stories document is on our website here and has been incredibly valuable in sharing with members of Congress. 
To boost our advocacy efforts, we need your help again! 

We are looking for more powerful stories to add to what we already have. If you have a recent beneficiary story in mind, please email dhalvorson@ahca.org and atodd@ahca.org the following for consideration:

1. No more than seven (7) sentences that captures the beneficiary’s financial and emotional impact. Please include an out-of-pocket dollar amount. See examples here.

2. The name AND written consent of the beneficiary. The authorization form here gives AHCA/NCAL permission to use the individual’s name and story.

3. The state AND city where the story took place. We would like stories from each state to take to the Hill and to others to show the importance of this matter.

We will also accept a recent local news story that identified the beneficiary. In this case, we do not need a consent form since the beneficiary gave the news outlet consent to publish their story. We will simply give the news outlet credit IF we decide to highlight the story.

For more information on this issue, visit the AHCA/NCAL Observation Stays website here.

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