Monday, April 10, 2017

National Healthcare Decisions Day

We all need to be prepared in the event of a health crisis. Having the discussion is easier than most people think, but many of us need a little inspiration or a reminder to do it. This year, National Healthcare Decision Day (NHDD) on April 16th, will become a week long event April 16-22.

Please mark your calendar for April 16 to have a talk with your loved ones. There are all sorts of free resources, including advance directive forms for each of the 50 states and a great short video to get you thinking and talking, on the NHDD website: Additionally, check out social media  Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Advance care planning is something we ALL should do and encourage others to do, regardless of age or current health. Discussing your wishes can be one of the most important gifts you ever give your loved ones.

The theme for the week will be "It always seems to early, until it's too late."  Join in on the 10th Anniversary of NHDD, as Americans across the country make their future healthcare decisions known to family, friends, and healthcare providers.

Planning for the Week
Sunday (4/16): Prepare
A day to get resources together

Monday (4/17): Start with Yourself
A day to think about your own healthcare decisions

Tuesday (4/18): Family/Friends/Loved Ones
A day to discuss your wishes with others (and learn their wishes)

Wednesday (4/19): Spread the Word
A day to tell others that you've engaged in advance care planning and encourage them to do the same

Thursday (4/20): Facilities Focus
A day for healthcare providers of all sorts to promote advance care planning

Friday (4/21): Professionals Preparedness
A day to ensure that all professionals (healthcare, clergy, legal, and others) understand and can promote advance care planning

Saturday (4/22): Reflection and Readiness
Consider what worked well for NHDD week and file/share your advance care plans so they will be available if needed

The mission of NHDD is to inspire, educate and empower the public and providers about the importance of advance care planning. Learn more at

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