Monday, April 10, 2017

CoreQ: The Solution for Improving Customer Satisfaction

CoreQ is the customer satisfaction measure developed by AHCA/NCAL for assisted living residents and families, long-stay skilled nursing residents and families, and short-stay skilled nursing residents. A part of the Association’s metric-based Quality Initiative, CoreQ allows providers to measure overall customer satisfaction with a uniform set of questions.

Has your community or center started using CoreQ? If yes, keep it up! If not, don’t worry, just ask your customer satisfaction vendor to add CoreQ into your survey. Your vendor will take care of the rest by automatically uploading the data to AHCA/NCAL’s LTC Trend Tracker. For a complete list of CoreQ vendors, visit NCAL’s Quality Initiative website here and AHCA’s Quality Initiative website here. After your data is uploaded to LTC Trend Tracker, you can see how your organization is performing and benchmark against selected peer groups.

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