Wednesday, April 26, 2017

AHCA/NCAL Gero Nurse Prep Sale Ends this Sunday

Dave Kyllo
Time is running out! The sale on AHCA/NCAL Gero Nurse Prep ends April 30, so this is the last week to save $100 on Gero Nurse Prep registrations for RNs by entering promo code QUALITY17 (all caps) at checkout.  

RNs who are interested in boosting their credentials and expertise can become Board Certified for less than $1,000 ($590 sale price for AHCA/NCAL Gero Nurse Prep and a separate $395 to take the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) exam). 

To help increase the number of Board certified RNs, AHCA/NCAL’s Gero Nurse Prep program is designed to help RNs prepare for and pass the ANCC gerontological certification exam. RNs who complete the AHCA/NCAL Gero Nurse Prep program have a passing rate of 96 percent on the ANCC exam on their first try and receive 30 CEUs. The time to complete for the Gero Nurse Prep program is flexible. RNs have one year to complete the program and the clock does not start ticking until they start begin their coursework.    

AHCA/NCAL Gero Nurse Prep also nets smarter nurses by increasing an RN’s knowledge of gerontological nursing practice. Gero Nurse Prep students see a whopping 23 percentage point increase on average on their pre- and post-test scores.   

The good news for long term care providers does not end there. Having at least one RN who has been certified in gerontological nursing by the ANCC has been correlated to achieve better outcomes in nursing facilities. 

Research conducted by AHCA/NCAL in 2016 found that the rehospitalization rates in skilled nursing centers with at least one RN Board Certified in gerontological nursing by the ANCC consistently have run at least two percentage points lower than the national average since 2011. The facilities were also twice as like to receive a 5-Star rating from CMS. 

Watch this video to learn more about AHCA/NCAL Gero Nurse Prep or click on the course preview to get a quick view of this engaging on-line curriculum designed to help RNs pass the ANCC exam.  

With less than one percent of the nation’s nurses ANCC Board Certified in gerontological nursing, it’s easy to get an edge on your competition through ANCC Board certification. Be more competitive and order Gero Nurse Prep by April 30 to save $100 by entering promo code QUALITY17 (all caps) at checkout.  

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