Thursday, February 16, 2017

Your Top-Line Publication is on the Way!

LTC Trend Tracker Help

You have a lot to keep track of: Five Star ratings, quality measures, staffing, quality awards … the list goes on. It’s challenging enough to keep a center going, nonetheless keep track of every aspect. However, properly keeping track of this information could set your center apart from those that just stay afloat, to those that thrive.

That’s why the American Health Care Association/ National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) created LTC Trend Tracker, a web-based tool that enables long term and post-acute care providers to find all this information in one central place. This service helps long term and post-acute care providers, including assisted living, to access key information that can help their organization succeed. It gives you access to government data collected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on skilled nursing centers. All this data is at your fingertips, and with it, you can build and save custom reports to understand your performance.

This week, LTC Trend Tracker has a new publication, Your Top-Line, which was sent directly to your email inbox on Tuesday, February 21. This quarterly report for skilled nursing centers will highlight your facility’s progress on Five Star performance, the quality initiative, and help you understand your survey rating and score breakdown. Check out the new user-friendly design and easy snapshot of data. The figures and colorful graphics are designed to help improve patient care with tailored tools that will allow your organization to easily monitor survey information, quality measures, quality initiative progress, quality awards and five star data. 

In order to receive the Top-Line publication, you must be a current user of LTC Trend Tracker. Please register at as a single organization or if you are part of a multi-facility organization, please have your corporate office register you also at In addition to the email you will receive, LTC Trend Tracker keeps all of these publications saved in your account. After logging in, click on Manage Publications and then View and Download Publications. It will then allow you to select the publication you wish to view.

If you’re unsure about LTC Trend Tracker and availability, please email

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