Wednesday, February 22, 2017

AHCA/NCAL Begins Nationwide Medicaid Advocacy Effort

AHCA/NCAL members contacted their Members of Congress in the thousands to call on lawmakers to preserve Medicaid for America’s most frail and vulnerable populations.

The campaign is in response to potential efforts in Congress to restructure and reduce the way in which Medicaid is funded on a federal level. Currently, there is no national limit on the amount the federal government can give to the states to supplement Medicaid spending.

Over 16,000 messages were sent to Congress as a result of the ongoing campaign, which urged lawmakers to “protect those who are the most vulnerable and ensure services, like nursing care, remain a fully-funded benefit for these populations.”

AHCA/NCAL encourages any members to get involved, if they have not already, by using their advocacy system to get in touch with their Members of Congress. A briefing of Medicaid’s coverage of older Americans and individuals with disabilities as well as state Medicaid profiles are available online.

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