Wednesday, January 11, 2017

CMS Issues Important PBJ Update

Lyn Bentley, MSW
CMS issues PBJ Information for software developers, vendors and providers and has an updated errata V2.00.2 posted for the PBJ Data Submission Specifications V2.00.0 and is now available. One item has been added to the errata to incorporate edit -4018 which is a new special character restriction for the Employee ID field. During the January downtime weekend of 01/22/2017 Employee IDs that contain invalid special characters shall be automatically updated to a character that is allowed by edit -4018 and will require user action prior to any further submissions for existing employees whose IDs contain special characters. Please see the updated errata for specifics on which characters will be updated and how to proceed with this new edit. After January 22, 2017 XML files containing Employee ID’s with invalid special characters will be rejected.

The Errata is available for download from the Staffing Data Submission PBJ page and can be accessed at:

Staffing Data Submission Reminder: 

As of July 1, 2016, electronic submission of staffing data through the Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) is mandatory for all Long Term Care Facilities. You have up to 45 days after the end of the quarter to submit data for Federal Fiscal Quarter 1 (October 1, 2016-December 31, 2016.) The final submission for this quarter is due on February 14, 2017. We encourage facilities to submit early to avoid system delays.

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