Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Wins Presidency, Republicans Hold on to Congress

Drew Thies

Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States on Tuesday in a stunning rebuke of many pollsters and prognosticators, who gave the businessman slim chances to win the presidency.

Trump took the stage around 3 AM Wednesday morning after Secretary Hillary Clinton called him to offer her concession.

Republicans rode Trump’s momentum in down-ballot races, mitigating losses in state and local elections. Only one Republican seat in the Senate was lost, Mark Kirk’s in Illinois, during a cycle in which some predicted Democrats would completely retake the chamber. Similarly, in the House, Republicans only stand to lose a fraction of their historic majority.

Republican victories set up the first time the party controls the White House and both Chambers of Congress since President George W. Bush.

AHCA/NCAL President and CEO Mark Parkinson released the following response in response to the 2016 election results:

“On behalf of the millions of providers, patients, residents and families we serve, AHCA/NCAL congratulates President-elect Trump, Speaker Ryan, Leader McConnell and all those who won last night. While Medicare and Medicaid may not have been a primary focus of this election cycle, we know you share our mission to improve lives by delivering solutions for continued quality care. Our profession stands with this Administration, the House and Senate in a pledged commitment to help this nation’s elected leaders address and solve these critically important issues.

“Our nation’s frail, elderly and disabled are counting on us. Working together, I know we are up for the job.”

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