Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Candidates Make Last Pitches to Voters before Election Day

Drew Thies
The election is six days away and candidates are making their final appeals to a dwindling amount of undecided voters.

The race for the White House between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has received the majority of media coverage, but Members of Congress across the country are locked in tough races that will determine which party controls legislature as well.

AHCA/NCAL members have sponsored candidate forums for down-ballot contestants and will continue a proud tradition of get-out-the-vote operations. Members regularly help patients and residents reach voting booths or even use their communities as polling places.

Early and absentee voting are reaching record-highs this election year and some reports indicate that nearly 40 percent of votes might be cast before Election Day.

AHCA/NCAL would like to remind everybody to get to the polls and cast your vote on Tuesday, November 8th if you haven’t already. We will be closely monitoring returns and will provide a comprehensive report after election night next week.

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