Monday, October 10, 2016

The Required Results: What Quality Award Applicants Need to Know

New for the 2017 Silver and Gold applications are 10 required measures. Silver and Gold applicants are required to report on 10 specific measures in their results section. Failure to provide all required results will be grounds for disqualification. The required measures are:

7.1 – Health Care and Process Results

  • 30-day Rehospitalization Rates 
  • Antipsychotic Rates 
  • Five-Star Quality Measure Rating 
7.2 – Customer-Focused Results
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction 
  • Customer Willingness to Recommend to Others 
7.3 – Workforce-Focused Results
  • Staff Turnover/Retention (staff stability) 
  • Five-Star – Staffing Measure Rating 
7.4 – Leadership, Governance, and/or Survey Results
  • Five-Star Overall Rating 
  • Five-Star Survey Measure Rating 
7.5 – Financial and/or Market Results
  • Financial and/or Market Results from the center’s organization profile indicated as important to the organization’s success

What if a measure is not available for my center?

Some of the required measures may not be available to all applicants. In this case, applicants will need to provide a clear and legitimate reason why a result measure could not be obtained. This may be reviewed and exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis. For example, AHCA/NCAL Quality Award staff are aware that Five Star results do not apply to Assisted Living Communities. For the Five Star results, simply write “Five Star is not available for AL” and provide another applicable result in that category to replace this measure that your AL community has. Not reporting Five Star as an AL community will not affect the evaluation of your application in any way as long as you include "Five Star is not available for AL".

For the other required results, if you are not able to provide the result, you will need to provide a more extensive explanation.

As a reminder for Silver Applicants, if a required measure is not available and a clear and legitimate explanation is provided then applicants will need to submit another measure in its place to meet the minimum results requirement for that category item.

What else do I need to include for the required results?

For all required results, the term REQUIRED is to be written with the measure/figure to differentiate the measures for Examiners.

Has anything else changed for the Results category?

Data sources are to be included on the graph/chart in both Silver and Gold applications for all results. If a data source for a particular result is not provided, that result will not get credit for comparative data.

Why the change?

These measures were deemed important by the National Quality Award Program and approved by the program’s Board of Overseers. The program will update these required measures accordingly in the future as the long term and post-acute care industry continues to evolve and as new outcomes and measures may emerge.

If you have any questions, please email Quality Award Staff at

Important Dates to Remember!
  • Intent to Apply Deadline November 17th, 2016 
  • Application Deadline January 26th, 2017

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