Wednesday, September 21, 2016

NCAL Releases New Risk Management Tool Kit on Private Caregivers in Assisted Living

Lilly Hummel

NCAL’s Risk Management Work Group prepared a new resource for members to provide key considerations for assisted living communities when residents and their families hire private caregivers to provide supplemental services and support. The tool kit also includes links to sample documents, including a sample Private Caregiver Agreement and several state requirements for these caregivers. Personal caregivers (PCGs) - also called private duty personnel or private sitters - hired by assisted living resident’s family can be important partners providing companionship and for the resident’s plan of care. However, PCGs are not community employees, nor can or should they be supervised by the community management; consequently, communities must consider management and liability issues. The article covers topics such as the types of policies and procedures that AL communities should have in place, training, and managing expectations.

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