Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy First Birthday, ahcancalED!

Marguerite McLaughlin

ahcancalED is celebrating its first anniversary on October 4th and there is a lot to celebrate! Over the past year, more than 2,800 of our members have registered and used the educational materials. Currently, it boasts over 240 unique products including a valuable series on Five Star, another that helps you understand QAPI and two guides on the 2017 Silver and Bronze Quality Award Program. Unlike many of the eLearning sites that provide educational resources, ahcancalED is FREE to members, utilizes the talent of members and subject matter experts in the creation of resources.

It prides itself on creating “just in time” resources that address changes and issues in the industry. Within the sharED category, members have offered tools and resources they use every day to improve quality in their centers.

Just last week, the ahcancalED team committed a new space to the Requirements of Participation. Recognizing that many will be looking for support and resources to feel confident in their understanding of these new regulations, the team made way for requirED. This space will make it easy for members to find just the resources they need at the very moment they need it. In the meantime, the Quality team is working hard to develop those materials that will take the place of the construction sign currently visible on the site.

In an effort to ensure that we keep our eye on the prize during this frenetic time, the team has created the Quality Initiative Series-Succeeding In The Midst Of Change This eight part series provides in-depth instruction and strategies to help members effectively meet impending payment and regulatory changes. It is designed with the intent of helping members succeed by providing insights into the changes, providing specific strategies that can be adopted by centers, and offering a comprehensive array of tools and resources.

If you have yet to join the over 2,800 members using ahcancalED, take a minute and learn something new! We recommend Patrick Kelly’s submission- Four Ways You Can Accidently Disclose Protected Healthcare Information! It provides a fun and simple look at ways that phones and social media can be a potential risk.

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