Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Stay on track, start submitting your staffing data today!

Urvi Patel

With the end of July, comes the end of the first mandatory month of staffing data collection set out by the Payroll Based Journal (PBJ). Although the submission deadline for the first mandatory quarter (July-September 2016) isn’t till November 14th, 2016 it is beneficial that you start submitting your data. Submit the first month of data in order to get a sense of whether or not the data you have collected will accurately be accepted by PBJ. Submit the first month of data and review the following reports that PBJ makes available to you in CASPER.

1700D Employee Report – this report shows the active and/or terminated employees in a given timeframe. It provides hire date, termination date, pay type, and staffing hours per employee ID. Review this report to make sure that all of the employees in your organization as well as contracted staff are included.

1701D Census Report – this report provides the census data at the end of the month by Medicare, Medicaid, Other and Total. You can review this report to make sure that the number of residents/patients you counted on July 31st, 2016 are reflected here.

1702 Staffing Summary Report – this report provides staff count, exempt, non-exempt, contractors, and staffing hours by job title. Review this report to make sure that your CNA, nursing, therapy, etc. hours are appropriately counted.

1702 Individual Daily Staffing Report – this is a special report provides staffing information during a specific period by individual employee id. Check that the hours of a couple of your employees are correctly being reflected.

If the information on any of these reports is not accurate, go research the data entry that was completed either manually or via the XML and identify the discrepancy. If the discrepancy needs to be fixed, you can easily do so by resubmitting corrected data. Recall that corrections can only be done till November 14th, 2016.

If you are struggling with the data collection and understanding the details of the PBJ requirements, check out PBJ: How to Get Started here. And be sure to access other resources like on demand webinars and FAQ documents on ahcancalED here.

As always, AHCA is here to help you be successful, submit any of your PBJ questions to us at staffdatacollection@ahca.org.

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