Wednesday, August 10, 2016

NALW Media Kit Now Available

Rachel Reeves

As National Assisted Living Week® approaches, now is the time to begin planning outreach to your local press and sharing the great events you have planned for your community! Take advantage of NCAL’s NALW Media Toolkit at You will find all you need to engage your local press with sample templates, which you can customize to fit your community and your events.

This September 11-17, invite a local reporter to your big event, send out a press release highlighting your community’s innovative technology practice, or send a letter to the editor sharing your AL community’s excitement about NALW.

Take your NALW celebrations once step further and encourage local government officials to officially declare NALW in your city, county or state. Offer them the sample proclamation and invite them to hold an official signing event at your assisted living community.

And fitting for “Keep Connected,” the media toolkit includes sample social media posts. As you engage with your residents and staff during NALW, be sure to also engage with your online audience by using the hashtag #NALW. And don't forget to share activity ideas and connect with your fellow assisted living caregivers on the NALW Facebook page

The NALW Planning Guide and Product Catalog contains a number of tips on how to use the media toolkit to its fullest. And be sure to also read up on the guide’s best practices for promoting NALW online while protecting the privacy and dignity of your residents and staff.

NALW is a time of celebration and excitement – a week to highlight the best your community can be. There is no better time to invite media into your community to share with them the special people and events that make it home for residents.

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