Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Resources About Self-Funded Employee Health Insurance Plans

The concept of having a self-funded employee health insurance plan may seem overwhelming but these plans can easily be constructed to limit an employer’s financial exposure. Such plans typically include stop loss coverage to protect against high-dollar claims and frequently are less expensive than fully insured health plans. Several AHCA/NCAL independent owner members have moved to self-funded plans through AHCA/NCAL Insurance Solutions and saved considerable money on their employee health benefit expenses.

Members who interested in better understanding how self-funded insurance plans work and how they may be the smart choice for their operations can check out new resources available on the AHCA/NCAL Insurance Solutions web page. The first resource is a summary explanation from Meritain about self-funded health insurance plans. The second resource is a Meritain white paper that discusses important factors employers should consider in determining whether a self-funded employee health plan makes sense. 

If you’re concerned about your employee health insurance costs or want to learn more about self-funded employee health plans, AHCA/NCAL Insurance Solutions is a resource available to all AHCA/NCAL members. For more information about health plan options available through AHCA/NCAL Insurance Solutions, contact Dave Kyllo at 202-898-6312 or Nick Cianci at 202-898-284 or email ahcainsurancesolutions@ahca.org.   

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