Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Future Leaders of Long Term Care Program

Christy Sharp

Recommend a candidate to your State Executive to participate in the annual “Future Leaders of Long Term Care in America” program. Candidates will be selected for this professional training and mentorship program, which begins at the September 21 - 23 symposium in Washington, DC. Each state may nominate one person.

ALL nominations must be submitted by AHCA State Affiliates. Each State Affiliate may submit one nomination. Before contacting your State Association to recommend a candidate for this year’s class of Future Leaders, please discuss the following requirements and responsibilities with your nominee. Future Leaders will be expected to:

  •  Attend a three-day training session, which will be held in Washington, DC September 21 - 23;
  • Complete any assigned reading – typically 4 or 5 books during the year – and be prepared to discuss on conference calls; 
  • Participate in a majority of scheduled conference calls and activities, including an event hosted by AHCA/NCAL leadership at the AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention & Expo, which will be held October 15 - 18 in Las Vegas, NV;
  • Demonstrate an interest in working on LTC issues at the national level, which may include participating on AHCA/NCAL workgroups or committees; and
  •  Consider active participation in the AHCA PAC and promoting its importance to other members.

AHCA will absorb the costs related to the 2016/2017 “Future Leaders of Long Term Care in America” symposium, including a two-night hotel stay, airfare, and a fixed stipend of $100.00 for miscellaneous travel expenses.

Once you have discussed the responsibilities and requirements with your nominee, please contact your State Association with your recommendation. AHCA State Executives will be asked to submit a nomination for one person by June 13, 2016.

Should you have any questions, please contact Christy Sharp at csharp@ahca.org or 202-898-2839.

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